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Kate Hartmann

OWASP Foundation
OWASP Foundation
United States

Kate joined the OWASP Foundation May 2008

Kate's Ongoing Job Duties

Kates work within the OWASP Foundation includes supervising and facilitating the completion of operationally critical tasks. She provides direction to the operational team by mapping out cross-committee objectives and identifying opportunities that promote the Foundation's short term and long term strategic goals.

Current Initiatives include:

  • Improving Foundation, Committee, Operational Governance
  • Coordinating Travel Programs
  • Formulating and Executing Committee and Foundation Budgets
  • Establishing OWASP EU
  • Developing HR Policies
  • Improving Membership Benefits and Process
  • Developing and Implementing Global Chapter Guidelines
  • Initiating Global Training Program
  • Increasing University Participation
  • Improving Quarterly Newsletter


Kate has a B.A. in English and History from VA Tech in Blacksburg, VA. Prior to joining the OWASP Foundation, she worked with Government funding sources in the Healthcare Industry.